China Smuggles Out SENSATIONAL Secret UFO Archive…With Crystal Clear UFO

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Imagine a secret UFO archive that has incredible footage smuggled out of China. Well it has just been released, and it is causing a Worldwide sensation! China’s SENSATIONAL Secret UFO Archive…Smuggled Out & Released! A recently released video – from China –  has been circling the internet and has been making jaws drop around the world. The newly released footage making waves with UFO believers and the science community alike shows a crystal clear UFO orbiting the sky – about one thousand feet above the Earth’s surface.

These clips are interesting because the vantage point is exceptionally close to the orbiting craft! The ground photos and footage show a clear flying disk hovering  and is the kind of thing that NASA is obligated to investigate. The real excitement for the witnesses where some people were just curious or puzzled, while others terrified at the blazing object, which experts said was not a meteorite.

The unusual trail left many speculating that it might have been a UFO of an extra-terrestrial origin. Eyewitness Hu Yin said: “It was clearly visible in the sky and many people simply stopped what they were doing just to watch it because it was so unusual.”

The unidentified flying object appeared over the skies of many provinces in northern China, whose residents quickly uploaded photos & this video to social media causing heated debate.

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