How To Explain This Eerie Glowing Green Bubble’s Sudden Appearance Over Siberia? [VIDEO]

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Well this is a weird one. You’re in Siberia and you look out the window and see an eerie glowing green bubble and you think WTF? UFO? Maybe. But it’s impossible to know if it is legitimate or not. And added to the mystery is a report that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (which operates the Russian armed forces) has posted on Facebook that it launched a Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile on the night of October 26, 2017 as part of a test exercise.

But do you trust anything Russia says?  Here is the story as it originally appeared. The Siberian Times has reported the following: “Reports of a giant glowing ball lighting the sky over Salekhard, the Yamal peninsula. Fears from locals of ‘aliens arriving’, but there is a surprising explanation and, yes, there was an unusual object in the sky.

The illuminated ball looming over the forest was seen clearly in the town of Salekhard right on the Arctic Circle, but was also visible over a swathe of northern Siberia in the night sky.

Residents from Yamalo-Nenets region reported ‘shivers down their spines’ and the social media went alive with claims of aliens arriving in an awesome UFO.

The extraordinary sight was captured by leading Siberian photographer Sergey Anisimov who admitted: ‘At first I was taken aback for a few minutes, not understanding what was happening.

‘The glowing ball rose from behind the trees and moved in my direction.

‘My first thought was about the most powerful searchlight, but the speed of changing everything around changed the idea of what was happening.

‘The ball began to turn into an arc and gradually dissipated.’

After the multi-coloured light show was over he went home.

‘Kids (5-6 years old) walking in the yard emotionally began to tell me about an unusual phenomenon, using the words ‘aliens’, ‘the portal to another dimension’ and the like….’


This was the launch of a Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile from Plesetsk cosmodrome aimed at the Kura testing range in Kamchatka on the country’s Pacific coast. Picture: The Siberian Times

Another photographer Alexey Yakovlev spotted the spectacle at Strezhevoi, in the north of Tomsk region,  some 840 kilometres away.

‘And at first I thought – it is such a radiance of such an unusual form – round in shape.

‘But gradually the ball began to expand, it became clear that this is not some radiance … and it became scary …”

27 October 2017