Santa’s Big Math Problem Solved By Physics Teacher!

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In The Nick of Time And Way Faster than a Speeding Bullet!  “If Santa travels 175 million miles in 31 hours,” Teitel, a physics teacher from Stuyvesant High School in New York told ABC, said, “he visits 1,178 homes per second — every second.” The good news is that Santa can take advantage of the Earth’s time zones – starting by delivering presents at the International Date Line and traveling west.

So in your house, Santa has 8/100,000ths of a second to park the sleigh, plus, “down the chimney, fill the stockings, take care of the tree, eat the cookies, drink the milk, back up the chimney and back onto the sled and go,” Teitel said. “This whole job has to be done each second.”

By way of comparison, the US Postal Service delivers around 170 billion items of mail every year – equivalent to a little over 5000 per second over the course of 12 months, and that’s with a workforce of more than 600 000 employees and ownership of the largest vehicle fleet in the world.

One potential problem is that Santa’s delivery outfit consists only of himself and a handful of reindeer. As has been pointed out before to deliver all his presents in time he’d have to travel at such a high speed that Rudolph and co would burn up due to friction, just like small meteors entering the atmosphere. Maybe that explains the red nose.

Via: ABC and others