We are NOW living in an alternate UNIVERSE…according to the smartest kid in the world! [VIDEO]

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Have you ever tried to grasp—really grasp—the complexity of the universe in its entirety? If you have, you’ve likely experienced that light-head dizzy confusion that comes from trying to know too much. The truth is, what we know about the universe only begins to scratch the surface—we continue to learn new lessons each day.

Perhaps one of the most difficult questions facing us today is ‘What is our reality?’ The answer has something to do with quantum entanglement, consciousness, singularity, parallel universes, and more. One of our largest barriers to understanding such an abstract concept is the fact that, as adults, we are bogged down by our studies. We simply know—or think we know—way too much. So what happens when you ask a child to put the meaning of the universe into words?

That’s exactly what 13-year-old Max Loughan just did.Max Loughan s not just any kid. He has become famous across the world for presenting his fascinating ideas on topics like the nature of the universe and alternate realities. He even invented a free energy device—a proposal that could eventually power the entire world for free.

Recently, Loughan presented his new theory that CERN—the European Organization for Nuclear Research—actually destroyed our universe. Today, we live in another universe that was parallel and closest to it. Watch the 13-year-old genius explain his theory in the video below.